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Year 2001 and the House of Cards surely ain't falling apart yet. SAGA:s HoC tour started in Sweden, Helsingborg, at the Tivoli. The band had been looking forward to go on tour and promote the new album. HoC is an excellent album that has brought SAGA into the new millennium. It has that specific SAGA sound to it but also a crisp, fresh, new sound. It was really exciting to see how the new songs would work live. The stage setting has a new feature, not seen before. As the observant people have noticed, the versatile Ian Crichton is doing background vocals on some tunes, and as far as we know this was his live debut when it comes to singing. Lo and behold! Ian has kept this secret for himself all these years, now we want to hear more of your voice Ian! We'd like to refer to other peoples reviews of the concerts as we stink at writing reviews.

A few reflections though; the band was very much alive and show no signs of growing old or rest on their oars. They're full of energy and music that they want to feed us with. The concert included some really cool musical somersaults that totally blew our minds, one being Darryl's lounge where he picks you up in his keybordial hands and scratches your surface with his incredible voice.

Steve had brought some new boinks and umphs with him to show us that percussion is far more than just banging cans.

Due to a sore back, Sadler is for the moment not as vivid in his movements as he usually is. But that doesn't stop him from giving everythings he's got to deliver the tunes with excellence, and to have the crowd interact and be a part of the show.

Jim's probably cursing himself every night for writing them kick-ass bass rhythms for the new album, difficult enough to play in the studio - now he has to perform them live... still we could hear no flaws at all.

We must not forget the crew that make sure the music is delivered in a neat package - Kenny twists his knob(s) and flicks the switches to make sure the sound is perfect. And perfect it is!

Danny - don't know how he does, but this man can make a great lightshow just out of a flashlight and a cigarette lighter. There were no lasers or fancy stuff, but the lighting was excellent.

Jake takes great care of the stage and guitars; watching this man perform his work is pure joy.

Everything carefully supervised by king Ellis. In all; you're in for a real treat, 20 something songs in an outstanding mix of old and new stuff, tons of energy, and a whole lot of fun. Don't miss out this time!

First, some pictures from the two gigs in Denmark March 23-24.


Now, the light and sound people really deserve some credits...

Left: Dan Leroux - Lighting Director, Right: Ken Stone, Sound Engineer

And finally some pics by Pär Derlow, from the start of the tour in Helsingborg, Sweden March 22: