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About SAGA.nu

This site is a tribute to the, in our humble opinion, greatest band ever in progressive rock, SAGA. Almost all the pictures are taken by ourselves, but all the MIDI-files are from fans who sent them to us. If you want to contribute, almost any Saga-related material would be interesting, especially unique pictures, MIDI:s, soundclips etc. It's only about how much spare time we get, and of course, what material YOU can provide us with. You send it to us, and we'll hopefully put it on the net.  

Who are we?  The people behind this site are Jonatan Lindell (owner and operator/manager of the site) and Fredrik Huss (aesthetical advisor and contributor of text and pictures) We're both from Stockholm, Sweden, and have been Saga-fanatics since the early 80's.  
Since 1997, we have joined the band on parts of their tours, and there are all kinds of pictures in the Galeria from these trips.  

We are always interested in trading "unofficial" Saga material, i.e. bootlegs (video and MD/CD/tape) and stuff like that, if you're interested e-mail Jonatan. I will soon put up a list of the material I've got.  

Anyway, as a Sagafan you're always welcome to mail me.