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MIDI-files with Saga-related music

Please take inspiration from these people, and go make some more Saga-MIDI:s, folks!

Thanks to all dedicated Saga-fans with musical ambitions out there, the number of MIDI:s at this page is now rapidly increasing.

If YOU want to contribute with any Saga-related MIDI, just send us an e-mail with the file attached, and also confirm that it is ok to make it available at this page. Please send it in standard *.mid-format, not any program-specific format like for example Cakewalk.

Thanks to everybody mentioned below for your contributions!

From Fred Vreeswijk:    Careful where you step

From Bert Jonker:    How long    Perfectionist    Wind him up   

From Stephan Krahforst:    The flyer   

From Lyu Abe:    Tired World   

From Alex:    Pitchman    Ice nice    The interview    Images

From Martin Trudel: An "improved version" of Bert's "Wind him up", featuring better chords among other things:    Wind him up 2.0

Various files with unknown authors:    Climbing the ladder, intro    Climbing the ladder, part from the middle    On the loose, 2nd version    Will it be you, almost half of it

From Thierry Leroy:    Don't be late   

From Brian Matthews:    On the loose   

From Sébastien Nicolay:    You're not alone    Pitchman    On the loose    Humble Stance    Don't be late

The files below were added after 2001-01-07:

From Lyu Abe:    (Goodbye) Once Upon A Time    Conversations

From Erik Lindqvist:    Perfectionist, XG-mod. of the original by Bert Jonker.

From Laurent Ceccarelli:    Humble Stance (now slightly updated by himself)   

From Sébastien Nicolay:    (Goodbye) Once Upon A Time    Follow me (first one from Full Circle!)