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We would like to thank the following people, that have contributed to this site in one way or another: 

Michael Ellis, Michael Sadler, Jim & Ian & Joy & Penny Crichton, Jim Gilmour, Steve & Nicole Negus, David Lindsay, Steve Billings, Bedrökk, Léon Zelissen, Darius, Patrick Eggen, Björn Volle, Derrick Lee, Georgianna & Peter Sasmore, Christophe Bocquet, Jake Jacobs, Robert Jones, Ernst, Chris, Fred Vreeswijk, Bert Jonker, Stephan Krahforst, Lyu Abe, Alex, Martin Trudel, Thierry Leroy, Laurent Ceccarelli, Sébastien Nicolay, Calypso Internetservice (for hosting the server), and all the rest of you dedicated Saga-people out there - you know who you are!