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From the left: Derrick Lee, Patrick Eggen, Björn Volle, Dave Lindsay (assistant manager), Mike Ellis (manager), at one of our cultural excursions.

In the castle. Note the sign up on the wall, we just had to take the picture (-:

Jim Crichton, relaxed, outside the pub, after the gig in Braunschweig. Unfortunately, we couldn't convince him to take care of his malty needs that night.

Jim Crichton showing Patrick Eggen and Derrick how a shampoo commercial is really done.

'The Bus' -in the foreground: Björn Volle (left), and Jonatan, in the background: Steve Billings and Georgianna Sasmore, on the road...

From the left: Christophe Bocquet, Georgianna Sasmore, Jonatan and Peter Sasmore, getting ready to go on stage, before the gig in Vacha.

Dave Lindsay, asst tour manager, choosing his coat for the evening at the Vacha gig.

Don Juan Dave, with a lady (?) he met in Vacha. (Love her glasses!)

Still the very same Dave, now in Füssen, the man is very photogenic (-:

Roadies 'r' us...

Steve, Ian and Daryl arguing about how to get this piece of the wall on to the stage this evening.

Steve Negus re-living the fall of the Iron Curtain while detaching large parts of it.

The band and the Williams posing at the very same wall, Vacha, part of the former Iron Curtain.

Another view of the band and the Williams.

Steve Billings and the singer in Bedrökk, opener for Saga at some gigs.

Ian, having yet another cup of coffee, and Peter refreshing themselves after the gig.

The band travelled in two cars, the crew in a bus, plus a semi-trailer for the equipment. Apparently it's supposed to be a very interesting experience when Mr Ellis is behind the wheel.

The guy who handled the ADAT-equipment for recording some gigs being attacked by giant butterflies, while Mr Ellis is hasting to his assistance.

Very same guy, doing the ancient Canadian 'get thee behind me, ye giant butterflies'-tribal-dance.

Mr Ellis, protecting giant butterflies from Canadian tribal-dance.

Group photo with theWilliams, the band, and parts of the band's families.

Some of the famous trashcans used on stage.

Ian doing soundcheck.

Hmm, let's see, if I push this button, I'll be louder than everybody else, then I'll be the star…

Daryl backstage before gig in Vacha.

Mike Sadler backstage after gig in Vacha.

Daryl backstage after gig in Vacha.

We found some balloons in the bus... (-:

At some club in Füssen, during a double day-off (cancelled gigs), from the left Jim C, Jonatan and Derrick Lee, having a good time...

They had warm summer nights in Füssen...

So warm, that Fredrik Huss had to take a bath (-:

The "fest-zelt", at which Saga played in Bayreuth.

Jake, Ian's "guitar manager", preparing the guitars.

Preparation of the "balloon net" for the 20th Anniversary gig. The balloons didn't come out by themselves, but that's another story...

Another view of the preparations for the 20th Anniversary gig. Note the man trying to sell bread in the middle, business weren't very good at this time (-:

A nice 20th anniversary birthday cake (this is not the one that was eaten on stage).

John Wetton doing soundcheck.

Steve doing soundcheck.

Daryl in the bus, writing arrangements for the Asia-song "Only time will tell", performed at the 20th anniversary gig.

Fredrik, Jonatan and Mr Billings behind the bar with the bartenders. Since they weren't allowed to
close the bar until the last guest left, we stayed.... (-:  I don't think their boss should be told that they were drinking on duty)...

Steve and Daryl experiencing high-tech. German way of making PR for some cigarette brand. To the left Nicole Negus.

Daryl and his disciples slammin' down them brewskies..

Saga had to book a congress-hall for their pressconference (maybe not...)

All pictures © 1997 Jonatan Lindell and Fredrik Huss