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  We proudly present the secret SAGA sign. The right pose presented here by Sadler & Crichton.

The sign is to be used whenever you want people to know you're a real SAGArian. As shown it's applicable even in public.

But, you said you didn't want to hear 'A Brief Case'?!

You and Steve did what?

A silhouette of Daryl's equipment, taken during the acoustic set. One of my special pictures of this tour.


And now for some CAKE pictures (-:

Don't worry, there's more cake.

Yeah baby, stuff it!

Oh, you're really good at that!

Me, an' mah homies.

Yep, I love you to sweetie.

No really, it is cream in this cake.

Is she really gonna eat all that?

Just rack'em an' stack'em.

What's so fantastically wrong?

All pictures © 1997 Jonatan Lindell, Fredrik Huss and David Lindsay